Personalised G10 Style Pocket watch – Hybrid and Automatic Variants



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Did someone say Personalised G10 Pocket watch!!!!Β  These beautiful Pocket Watches are styled on the ever famous G10 watch!! Right down to the Luminous Super Luminova paint on the hands and dial (Thats glow in the dark to you and me).

A perfect promotion or leaving gift, especially for someone moving into th Mess.

Yes, they are not that ‘cheap’, but they are not cheaply made πŸ™‚

These have been produced in conjunction with the Swiss Watch manufacturer MWC.Β  We have 2 variants available, both are pretty much identical from the outside but with different movements inside (The automatic/kinetic is 2mm thicker as well).



  • Diameter: 47.5mm

  • Length with crown: 58mm

  • Thickness: 12.5mm Hybrid / 14.5mm Automatic

  • Crystal Width: 40mm

  • Crystal Type: Domed Glass

  • Case Material: Chromed Stainless Steel

  • Caseback: Chromed Stainless Steel

  • Luminosity: Luminova

  • Movement: NH35A, 24 Jewel movement with 41 hour power reserve and option to hand wind if required or Hybrid (Mechanical/Quartz)

Mecha-Quartz Hydrid: This hybrid pocket watch essentially combines the best of new and traditional watchmaking technology. They encompass features from both our conventional automatic and quartz watches resulting in a hybrid ultra low maintenance movement. The hybrid movement has a battery powering the movement through coils and a quartz oscillator, but the hands are mechanically actuated and controlled. Essentially the movement is mechanical except it’s powered by a battery and regulated by a crystal the only thing it doesn’t have is a spring but in terms of feel and outward appearance it looks the same as it’s mechanical sister models.



Automatic: This variant has a 24 jewel automatic movement with a 41 hour power reserve, the watch can also be hand wound if needed. The watch also has a hacking feature for synchronisation or to enable you to stop the watch running and conserve power if it won’t be used for an extended period.his Pocket Watch Movement offers the best of both worlds, as this enables the owner to wind up the watch in much the same way as a hand wound mechanical but is not required if the watches actually being worn because it will wind itself (Kinetic energy)


It goes without saying that as with all our products, this item can be fully engraved with either a small message or Cap Badge/Logo with some text.

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