Desk Toblerones & Pace Stick Holders

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    Personalised Desk Toblerone

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    Our desk toblerones are 300mm long and made from Hard Wood, not timber. The triangle is 50mm x 50mm and the bottoms are covered in Red Felt for added protection.

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    Pace Stick Holder/Stand complete with Plaque and Engraving

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    These Pace Stick holders have been designed and sourced purely for ProntoImages.co.uk. As a Drill Instructor myself, I always found that most of the stands out there were not ‘grand’ enough to hold such a prestigious piece of equipment!!

    So we designed our own, these stands are made of a solid Hard Wood and are proper chunky, coming in at 450mm wide!! They come complete with red felt on the bottom, and of course where your pride and joy will ‘rest’ between the ‘V’s.

  • Desk TobleroneDesk Toblerone

    Replacement Toblerone/Pace Stick Holder Plaque

    5.00 out of 5

    These laminated, Brushed Brass effect plaques are 290mm x 40mm in size and are laser engraved with your Rank, Name and Cap Badge as required, they come complete with adhesive tape to the rear so that they are ready to apply to your toblerone/pace stick holder……….or even just your office door??


    **Please note that this item is for the plaque ONLY.