What are Clutter Boxes

Clutter Box

What are Clutter Boxes

A Clutter Box is perfect for anyone in the Armed Forces

Having a Clutter Box will stop you searching for your bow tie or cuff-links 30 mins before your transport arrives!

Clutter BoxA Clutter Box is great for storing all your bits. No longer will all your clutter be stuffed in your George Boots!

These boxes will make a perfect gift for anyone that is leaving a unit or getting a promotion. We can supply these boxes as leaving gifts from your designated mess.

The lid can be engraved with your chosen cap badge or Regimental Emblem. It can also be personalised further with a name and service details as required. Once engraved, the cap badge and text will be hand painted with gold leaf paint.


We pride ourselves on being able to supply any cap badge, including those that have unfortunately been disbanded.

Our Clutter Boxes are also useful to anyone that is not in the armed forces who are looking to organise and store their bits and bobs.

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